Ph.D. in Computational Biology

It is intended to facilitate the graduate education at IIITD at the interface of biology and more quantitative sciences and computation. The program has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research that bridges the gap between diverse biological disciplines, and computational fields including algorithm development, numerical analysis and computationally intensive statistics. The focus is on advancement of fundamental research through recognition of common needs such as personalized medicine, drug design, understanding biological networks etc. and goals of researchers and students working on computationally intensive aspects of biological research.

The program allows for specialization within the biological and computational sciences. The biological subarea ranges from Genetic, Macromolecular, Cellular, and Organismal biology. Expertise within one of these is required. The computational subareas are Mathematical science, Computational science, and Programming. Distributed expertise in all three areas is required.

A student who is awarded a Ph.D. in Computational Biology will need to achieve three objectives:

  1. Demonstrated competence in the disciplines that contribute to the field
  2. Depth in at least one computational and one biological aspect of the field
  3. Original research, on a topic from one or more of the Computational Biology concentrations.

For admission, please follow Here